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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to put a product online?

No! For up to 5 products (with 5 photos) there are absolutely no charges, does not matter weather you are an individual or a company. Also we do not charge any commission in case you make a sale through allindiabazaar.in.

Is it possible to advertise more than 5 products?

Definitely, however, for this you will have to buy a Mini Website, which you will have to make yourself. A Mini Website is a simple website, where you can make a presentation of yourself /your company without any restrictions. Furthermore, it is possible to showcase up to 999 items on the Mini Website. All items shown on your Mini Website can be found when making a search on allindiabazaar.in. Also there will be a link to your Mini Website at all your products.
For details of how to make a Mini website please click on this link

For how long will my items be kept online?

Your products will be kept online for as long as you want it to be online.
However, for individual we will periodically send you a mail after 90 days asking you to review the items you have online. For companies we will ask you to review your products after 180 days.

Can I upload photos of the item I want to sell?

Yes, you can upload up to 4 photos in JPG format for each item you have put online

What does it mean when you mention the items I submit are subject to screening?

All items being put online will have to be approved by one of the Allindiabazaar.in Team-members. Once the ad has been screened it will be put online, or rejected.
If the ad is rejected you will receive an email from us informing you that your ad has been rejected. In case you want a reason for this you will have to contact us.

If someone wants to buy the item I have put online, do I have to inform Allindiabazaar.in?

NO! When someone contacts you in order to buy your product, you should make arrangements directly with the interested party, in order to conclude the deal.

If you are an individual we suggest you meet the buyer at your own address, and always have a family member, or a friend present.Also we suggest you take cash, as cheques may bounce. Off course, in case of a large amount you should ask for a bank cheque.
If requested, please make a receipt for the item you are selling.

If you are a company, and have an online shop we suggest you refer the potential buyer to your site in order to conclude the transaction.

We have to stress that Allindiabazaar.in is NOT part of the deal. Similarly, Allindiabazaar.in does NOT have any liability nor take any responsibility for anything being sold on this site. The deal is entirely a matter between buyer and seller.

What If one person wants to buy the item I have put online, and another person comes along willing to buy at a higher price.
Do I have to sell to the first person?

You can sell to anyone you want to, and at any price. We, however, strongly suggest you sell to the first person who shows up, as there is no guarantee the other party will show up. Of course, if you have made arrangements to sell your item to someone it would be recommendable if you tell the other party that you have already sold the item to someone else

Alternatively, you can offer to take the phone no. of any interested party and call back in case the person you have initially made arrangements with, do not show up, or decides to pay a lesser price than first agreed to.

Buying from allindiabazaar.in

If I am buying something will I then have to register?

Yes. In case you decide to buy an item you see on allindiabazaar.in you will have to register. Registering is free, but necessary.

Will I be able to see the location of the seller?

Yes. Anyone registering (both to sell and to buy) will have to indicate state and pin code. Of course, the seller might have shifted since the registration, so best suggestion is to ask for the address when calling.

What if find an item too expensive?

Some sellers allow for a negotiable price, and a bid feature will be available on the same page of the item. But in, general, you can always ask.

 How do I conclude a buy?

If you are buying from an individual you should agree to a time and place to meet the seller. We suggest you go there with a friend or relative. We suggest you make payment in cash. Off course, in case of a large amount have your bank make out a DD.
Also ask the seller to give a receipt for the item. The receipt should contain address and price and item, if possible with an identification number. This is to protect yourself against people trying to sell stolen items. In case the seller is not willing to give out these details please reconsider your purchase, and write to www.allindiabazaar.in

In case if the seller have an online shop we suggest you buy the item online.

We have to stress that Allindiabazaar.in is NOT part of the deal. Similarly, Allindiabazaar.in does NOT have any liability nor take any responsibility for anything being sold on this site. The deal is entirely a matter between buyer and seller.

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