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Does it cost anything to put a product online?
No! For up to 5 products (with 5 photos) there are absolutely no charges.
Does AllIndiaBazaar charge commission?
No, AllIndiaBazaar does not charge any commissions in case you make a sale on our website. (Applicable for both free users and subscribers.)
Is it possible to advertise more than 5 products?
Yes, you will need to purchase one of our Subscription plans which will give you unlimited ads along with other benefits.
For how long will my items will be kept online?
Your products will be kept online for as long as you want it to be online. We will occasionally send you an email reminding you to review your items.
Can I upload photos of the item I want to sell?
Yes, you can upload up to 5 photos for each item you have put online.
What does it mean by Product Screening/Approval by AllIndiaBazaar?
All items being put online will have to be approved by one of the Team-members. Once the ad has been screened it will be put online, or rejected.
If the ad is rejected you will receive an email from us informing you that your ad has been rejected. In case you want a reason for this you will have to contact us.
Do I need to inform AllIndiaBazaar when someone purchases my item or shows interest?
No, The deal is entirely a matter between buyer and seller.
Allindiabazaar is NOT a part of the deal, and does not have any liability nor take any responsibility for anything being sold on our site.
What is Product Bidding/Negotiation?
All India Bazaar allows their users to put their product's price as negotiable.
Sellers can specify a minimum price and maximum price instead of giving one fixed price, By doing so they allow potential buyers of their items to place a bid on their item, Then the seller can decide whether to sell it at that price or not.
Why does the bidding option not show up?
Negotiation/bidding does not show if online buying of item is possible on seller's AIB Store OR when discount campaign is active for that item OR when the seller has not provided the Minimum and Maximum Price.
How do I conclude a buy?
If you are buying from an individual you should agree to a time and place to meet the seller.
We suggest you go there with a friend or relative. We also suggest you to make payment in cash. Of course, in case of a large amount, have your bank make out a DD.
Also ask the seller to give a receipt for the item. The receipt should contain seller's address and price of item, if possible with an identification number. This is to protect yourself against people trying to sell stolen items. In case the seller is not willing to give out these details please reconsider your purchase, and inform us.
In case if the seller has an online shop we suggest you buy the item online.
Subscription Plans
What are benefits to purchasing a Subscription?
Subscriptions are meant for Sellers that want to have an online presence for their businesses.
Subscriptions enables Sellers to sell online on a dedicated and personal space i.e AllIndiaBazaar Stores. Main features are -
1. Unlimited product uploads.
2. Receive payments online directly in your payment wallet.
3. Put products on discount.
4. Free Email, Social Media and SMS Marketing and much more.
Check out our Subscription Plans for more details.
Please note that our Subscription Plans are optional, and are not necessary to have in order to use our AllIndiaBazaar.
What is a 'AIB Store'?
AIB Store is a dedicated personal website for your products and your company, hosted and maintained by AllIndiaBazaar, which allows you to sell products online and have an online presence for your business.
The Store showcases your items exclusively, for extra exposure and conversions, unlike our main website where your products might get lost amongst products uploaded by other sellers.
How do I get access to my AIB Store?
You need to purchase one of our Subscription plans and you will get access to your AIB Store for the same duration, along with other benefits that comes with the Subscription.
Discount Campaigns
How do I put my products on discount?
We allow our Premium and Enterprise Sellers to put up Discount Campaigns for their products. Discounts can range from 5% to 75% and the duration can be 1 to 4 Weeks.
To become a Premium or Enterprise user please visit our Pricing page.
If you are already a subscriber, go to your "Products page" on your Dashboard and select the discount icon under "Actions" Tab.
How do I make my products eligible for Discount Campaigns?
For your products to be eligible for discounts, you have to keep the product online on AllIndiaBazaar at the same price for at-least 6 Weeks. If you change the price before 6 weeks then the product will then be eligible from 6 weeks of that price change.
What happens if I change my product price during an active discount campaign?
It will end the discount campaign immediately and you will have to wait another 6 weeks to start a new campaign for your product.
Why cant I decrease the discount percentage or discount duration for my product?
Once you start your discount Campaign, discount Percentage and discount duration can only be increased not decreased.
Still looking for answers ? Reach us out at +91 124 4227149, or Email us.
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