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Online Safety

Online safety is taken very seriously by, and products which are clearly meant to trick other users, or are found un-ethical will be rejected before being but online.

Latest step taken by, in order to make online selling and buying safer, is to make SafeWebKey available to users in connection with sign up and Sign in.

Concept is an online marketplace for everyone. Private individuals and companies can sell and buy, new and old items online through a professional marketplace.
It is, absolutely, free to post items on
Even if you are running a small or middle-sized business you can post your products for free, through an AIB Store. In order to have an AIB Store, the user will have to get verified, which will be done through a combination of e-Verification, and manual verification. is also providing a dedicated Payment Gateway to the verified AIB Store Owners.
All services offered by which are needed to selling online are FREE. is NOT charging the sellers any commissions whether the seller is a private individual or a company.
Some optional “nice-to-have-features” can be bought by sellers in addition to standard features, but they are basically not required in order to sell online.

About Us has been online since 2009. The concept is developed and maintained by United Web Enhancers Private Limited(United Web) a Gurugram based company. is only one of several concepts developed and maintained by United Web. Other concepts includes and United Web has since its inception in 2005 been involved in creating Parking Software and related services for a Danish company. The collaboration between United Web and the Danish based company has resulted in a JV which is still very active.