Online Market place to buy and sell old and new items
Some "fun"-facts about

  • Buyer and sellers can get verified for free through SafeWebKey
  • AIB has been online since 2009
  • AIB does not charge any commission
  • AIB gives all corporate sellers a dedicated payment gateway
  • When having an AIB eStore you can basically have your own app which can be used on IOS and android
  • AIB has 14 different themes to choose between
  • For corporate sellers AIB gives ALL "Need-to-have" for free
  • Google's DevTool rated AIB to be technically better than,,and
  • AIB is a hybrid between a classified site,and an E-commerce market place
  • AIB is owned and run by United Web Enhancers Private Limited from Gurgaon(HR)
  • AIB e-Stores have lots of backend features designed for doing business