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Product Description
Dr. Ethix's First Aid Kit Contains 73 very important (emergency) medical things like : Thermometer, Medicated / Roller Bandage, Antiseptic Solution / Cream, Absorbent (Cotton Wool) Roll, Antacid, Dressing (Sterile) Sheet, Pain Killer Gel / Oil / Roll On, Tincture (Iodine / Benzoin), ORS (Oral Re-Hydration Salts) Sachet, Gauze Bandage Roll (Wound Cleaner), Antimicrobial (Topical Skin Burns), Antibiotic Cream (Skin Infections), Anti-Diarrhea Powder, Gloves (Sterile), Pain Killer Oil, Paracetamol (Fever), Vitamins / Iron / Calcium-Tablets, Digestive Tablets, Tweezers (To pick up small objects), Heel (Crack) Cream, Dusting Powder, Adhesive Plaster Roll, Wound Wipes Bzk, Gauze Swab, Burn Dressing Pad (Sterile), First Aid Manual Sheet, First Aid Dressing Pad, Clove Oil, Pain Balm, Medi-Crip (Plaster 40 strain), Medicated Soap, Constipation Tablets, Anti Cold Tablets, Headache Balm, Corn Cap. & many more important medical equipment like Forceps, Scissors & Wooden Splint (Bone Fracture).
  • DR Ethixs First Aid Kit
  • ₹4000
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  • Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Posted : 176 days ago
  • Product Condition : Used
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