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In the continued efforts to make online shopping and selling safer and more secure, has integrated SafeWebKey as a log in option when signing up, and when logging on to

SafeWebKey is based on the Scandinavian NEMID. This concept has, over the last 15 years, proved to be reliable, user-friendly and safe. SafeWebKey is taking NEMID a step further as the Indian version generates OTPs in a mobile Application.

The SafeWebKey App is available In Apple Store and Google Play, and off course through is the first website to integrate SafeWebKey.

The main features of SafeWebKey are

Internet User can avail of SafeWebKey on any Indian website offering the log on service. One Username and one Password. OTP generated in mobile App. User can use the SafeWebKey App to log on to websites from anywhere, even outside India, as the OTP does not rely on Internet and Indian phone connection.

Website owner will know the exact identity of the website user and can thus eliminate fraud. SafeWebKey is easy to integrate to website and concept is cost efficient too.

On a daily basis is rejecting items from sellers that do not look genuine. Of course, would like to eliminate this.

By integrating SafeWebKey, is taking the first step to ensure safer online selling and buying.

Of course, does know that integrating SafeWebKey is not going to solve the problem of seller and buyer fraud, but is the first step on the way. Even though it is a long and tiresome road, is willing to the be the first-mover. Of course, the hope is that will be joined in the fight against online seller and buyer fraud, by many other commercial and financial sites.

Please visit, or call 0 124 4227149 for additional information

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